the truth no one wants you to know:

You can do whatever you want with your business. You're the CEO. It's time to start acting like it.

BUsiness coaching for therapists IN Frisco TEXAS


You have built a business model of 1:1 clients that isn’t sustainable and you are feeling burned out.

You are a generalist who sees any and all clients who come in the door, so you don’t feel enlivened by the work you are doing. 

You aren’t sure what your next step should be to continue to build your business.

You want a sustainable, cash-pay, solo business model that sparks joy but:

1:1 Frisco, Texas coaching

Here’s what was really happening:

I was following the traditional mold of what a therapeutic business “should” look like rather than getting clear on what I am passionate about.
I was allowing limiting beliefs to dictate my business decisions due to fear of rejection.
I was afraid of investing in my business and, ultimately, myself.

And I wish I could tell you one day, it magically started getting better, or after a few years in the field, I had “done my time,” and the clients I wanted started strolling through the door. But that’s not true. 

Unpopular opinion: We, as therapists, aren’t entitled to a full caseload of aligned clients, and we are generally severely lacking in the skill and mindset to be business owners. And we’re still operating under the old paradigm of expecting clients to find us just because we exist. But the truth is that therapy seekers are more sophisticated than ever, and know what they seek. So if you don’t learn how to market yourself and your business, you will always struggle to maintain a consistent business that lights you on fire. And if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, why would you expect your clients to invest in you? 

4 years ago, I started in private practice and had a full caseload but was burned out, seeing any client who walked in the door, and priding myself on seeing the “tough” cases that other clinicians “struggled” with. 

Here's the roadmap of what works:

  • Getting clear on what the root issue is. Do you have a marketing issue, or is it your messaging? Are you struggling to niche down, or do you have a skill deficit? This matters. Without understanding the root issue, you will be throwing away your money and time. 
  • Stepping into your strengths and adjusting for your areas of growth. Stop banging your head on the wall and capitalize on what you enjoy instead of focusing on what you lack.
  • Building your tribe. It takes a team to run a business, and a cash-pay private practice is no different. 
  • Getting comfortable with failure and buckling up. Entrepreneurship is a catalyst for your healing, and you will have to work through your own unfinished business along this ride.

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