Family of Origin Intensive

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For those who are ready to go beyond.

Accelerate your healing today.

If you’ve made it this far, come and take a seat and let’s get comfy. We can make some tea or go for a walk because you are my people. You are probably in a season of wanting to prioritize your healing so that you can make the most of the time that follows. Or feeling frustrated that you aren’t making progress as quickly as you would like.

Spend 3 days in a sacred space focusing on tending to your healing.

The Journey Home is a weekend experience where you get to deeply delve into healing not only your mind but also your body and spirit. The intensive is based off Pia Melody’s work in her book, Facing Codependence. Together we are going to delve into the origins behind the relational issues that you are still struggling with. Often, I hear people talk about wanting to be able to use healthier boundaries and practice healthier self-esteem.

The intensive weekend is for you if:

  • You’ve got a pit in your stomach at the idea of confronting the roots of your issues and a little voice in your head saying “we need this.”
  • You’re ready to feel empowered from within.
  • Your authenticity is begging to be seen.
  • You know that you will get out of this work what you put into it.
  • Your work centers on relational trauma.
  • You are currently working with a therapist who you trust.
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We’re going to spend time examining the 5 core issues (self-esteem, boundaries, owning your reality, self-care and interdependence with others, and moderation/balance in the self) and where your boundaries may have been violated as a child. We’re also going ot talk about how to tend to your inner child and heal these issues.

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There will be several experiential activities over the weekend that are centered around honoring and championing your inner child and releasing painful emotions. The extended time together allows us to engage your limbic system for deeper healing than what can be attained in individual sessions.

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You will have the opportunity to connect with 2-3 other folks. It’s been my experience that the bond created over this weekend is sacred and one that you get to carry forward on your healing journey. Your group will provide you with support, feedback, and care that is critical when healing relational trauma. The community aspect is one of my favorite aspects of intensives. We’re all here on this journey for a reason.

Important Things to Know:

If you’re interested in snagging a spot, it’s important to reach out early. I take time to vet each participant to be sure that you are ready for the intensive and a good match for the group. Additionally, I ask that you and your individual therapist sign an ROI so that I can consult with them to discuss the details of your history. This will allow me to further assess your readiness and goodness of fit for the group.

Currently, intensives are priced at $2,700. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. Payment is due no later than 14 days prior to an intensive. Cancellations later than 10 days before an intensive will lose their deposit as intensives depend on member participation.

There are several books and packets of paperwork required for participation in the intensive. So again, once you’re emotionally and financially ready to commit, reach out early. I recommend participants allow themselves approximately 2-3 months to prepare specifically for the weekend so they can maximize the benefits.