Family Therapy

Are you struggling with connection in your family? Feeling confused about why family members cannot get along?

Frequently, families come to me when they have run out of ideas on how to communicate and they are overwhelmed but grounded in the knowledge that they want to work on their relationship. Family therapy provides a sacred space for each individual family member to find their way back to each other. Thus, while this process isn’t easy or without it’s own pain, it is life giving.

My work centers around the idea that we each have the freedom to see and hear our own truth, express our thoughts and emotions, feel what you feel, ask for what you want, and to take our own risks. A healthy family makes space for each member to explore and expand on these freedoms while still having a seat at the table. I am honored to walk next to families as they learn to show up for themselves and each other, working hard to both speak their truth and honor the other’s voice.

Due to the nature of family therapy, I require all individual members of the family are actively participating in their own individual therapy for the duration of family therapy. This provides each member with space to process their experience and receive additional insight into their own behaviors throughout this growing phase of treatment. I work closely with individual therapists to ensure that I am bringing in a holistic picture of each client’s experience into each session.

Furthermore, I utilize Pia Mellody’s Model for Developmental Immaturity as a general approach to providing understanding of each family member’s experience and take a direct approach. Therefore, you can expect feedback on my interpretation of the system itself as well as your contributing role within the system as we move through our work.

A few issues I have helped families navigate are the following:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Life transitions
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Alcohol and/or drug use
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Families with strained adult children relationships

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What to Expect

Family therapy can feel intimidating. However, you can expect that each session will be held with care and intention.

We will focus on building communication skills and honoring boundaries as we wade into more challenging issues.

You can expect that while this process can be painful and scary, it leads to long-lasting change and richer relationships.

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Who Attends

At the beginning of therapy, it will be necessary for the entire family to be present at sessions. This includes anyone who is living in the home (i.e., grandparents, cousins, aunts).

As therapy progresses, who attends may vary depending on what comes up throughout treatment.

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Cost & Length of Session

Each session lasts 90 minutes long and costs $275.

Let’s get started.