Group Therapy

Welcome to the next step in healing.

What do you notice within your body when you hear the phrase “you are ready for group therapy”? Often, I hear that people feel tension within their chest or a visceral pulling back within their bodies. And this makes sense. Group therapy can feel intimidating at best.

The thought of sitting in a circle with a group of people that you don’t know and sharing vulnerably can feel overwhelming and frightening. However, I believe that group therapy is an integral part of the healing process. It takes a village to process our experiences and learn more about ourselves. Group is a place where individuals who are committed to their journey can come together in service of their own healing as well as the collective movement forward.

Each group is cultivated intentionally with the purpose of ensuring that you are a good clinical fit for the group’s dynamic. Therefore, upon reaching out, I will schedule a screening and consultation with your individual therapist to assess your goodness of fit for the group you are interested in. If I assess that you are not a good fit for the current group I will work to find another referral for you. I prioritize goodness of fit and would rather you find the appropriate group for you over joining a group that I run. For current clients, I will discuss and process the potential of joining a group as it becomes developmentally appropriate within your treatment and progress toward goals.

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Women’s Group

 This is a process group for women to explore connections within themselves and others. Women who are seeking more authentic and healthy relationships will benefit from exploring boundaries, emotional mindfulness, and making sense of their stories within the context of the community on their journey to connection.

This group meets every other Wednesday 12:00-1:30pm. Each session is $80.00. This group is telehealth.

*This group is currently full and not accepting new members*

Let’s heal together.