About Me

Hi there!

Are you ready for your personal life to feel as successful as your work life? For those who are ready to answer the call, I am here to start digging for what is at the root of repeated patterns and find what change is needed to bring peace into your life. I am a Licensed Psychologist (license no. 39215) who provides results-driven counseling services in Frisco, Tx. I specialize in working with highly ambitious women seeking a more deeply connected marriage. This means you are committed to diving into reading, journaling, and practicing new skills outside of session. Together we will cultivate a transformative space that will allow you to unearth your potential and begin writing the next chapter of your life.

My journey to healing began as unresolved wounds from my childhood began to knock on the door of my present. This manifested as having a strained marriage, perfectionism, dysfunctional relationships with my family and friends, low self-esteem that was dependent on my work performance and ability to help others, and the list goes on.

Any of that sound familiar?

Through my own therapy I discovered where these patterns were learned and eventually worked to develop healthier relationships with those I love and within myself. This process took a lot of work and grit but was so worth it.

The success I have found in my own work has given me a passion for helping others achieve their own success. I believe that everyone deserves a life full of freedom and that it’s attainable if you are willing to put in the work. I cannot tell you what that looks like for you, but I can walk next to you as someone who has been in a similar space at some point and serve as a guide while we wind on the trail together.

Aside from being a therapist…

I enjoy pizza nights with my husband, painting, running, playing (winning) games with my friends and family, cooking, hiking, camping, and getting a massage whenever I can. I’ve also recently begun to explore Reiki and look forward to further integrating this healing practice into my personal and professional life as I continually seek to show up in life more fully integrated.

While I am passionate about my career and fully believe I have one of the best gigs out there, I am also passionate about prioritizing my family, rest, mental health, and play. My clients know that I practice what I preach and therefore structure my business in such a way as to support that priority. So don’t be surprised if I don’t answer an email outside of my work hours and end our sessions on time. I take care of me so I can hold space for you.

Warm expertise.

In my office, you can show up exactly as you are. Whether you are confused and frustrated or heartbroken, you are welcome in our space. You can expect to be held with a balance of warmth and gentleness while also being challenged to continually lean into your experience and take accountability for your role in issues.

Furthermore, you can expect to receive a lot of psychoeducation. I approach treatment from a developmental perspective meaning that when you first enter therapy there is a lot of direct education. It is critical to understand what abuse and trauma is/isn’t in order to form healthier behaviors and patterns. However, as you grow and heal I take a less directive approach and encourage clients to wrestle with what it is to be human and wonder with them in whichever direction their soul pulls.

You will also notice that I’m a huge believer in staying in my lane. I know what I know well and I’m aware of my own clinical limitations. Therefore, I don’t hesitate to refer out to other clinicians who are an expert in an issue, if it’s not something I am familiar with and/or believe you may receive stronger treatment somewhere else. This can evolve into a team approach or referral out all together depending on the situation. My priority is always that you are receiving the best care.

I believe that healing depends on honoring the mind-body connection. When we experience trauma (anything that is overwhelming for our brain) our the connection between our mind and body is severed in hopes of protecting us. While this is necessary it can later lead us to have difficulty healing. This is how we can end up living a life that isn’t in alignment with what we want. If we cannot access the wisdom of our body and therefore our emotions, we struggle to know what it is that we desire and how to get there.

I draw on several different theories and modalities but they all honor this core tenant of returning home to your self:


  • PhD in School Psychology from Texas Woman’s University in 2019
  • BA in Psychology from Texas Tech University in 2014


  • Post Induction Therapy (PIT) with The Meadows
  • Gottman Method Couples Training – Level 1
  • Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR (EMDR Trained)
  • Reiki Level 1 & Level 2