What is Post Induction Therapy (PIT)?

Post-Induction Therapy (PIT) is an eclectic trauma therapy approach created by Pia Mellody that integrates elements of Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Person-Centered Humanistic Therapy. PIT treats developmental immaturity and codependency by examining and focusing on the underlying causes stemming from childhood trauma. So how do you know if this is an approach that you may benefit from?

  • You are open to examining your childhood history and how it has impacted your current struggles. You don’t have to understand the connections now but an open mind is important in this process.
  • You are open to therapeutic work that will potentially last a few years vs a few months. PIT is long-term work and clients often continue their work for 3-5 years. It yields long lasting results but requires a time commitment in order to get there.
  • You would like to: work on healthier boundaries, practice healthier self-esteem, you struggle with your emotions (either not feeling them at all or struggling to experience them in a healthy way- all or nothing), you want to make healthier decisions for yourself and practice better self-care.

PIT is used as a general modality rather than a strict approach, allowing therapy to flow naturally while also providing structure that keeps the work from becoming avoidant from core issues. When paired with somatic (body based) approaches such as somatic experiencing and EMDR this modality yields powerful results that allow clients to see the change in their life that they’re looking for.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that therapy is always led by a client because we can only work with what you bring into the room. What you put into the process will always impact what you get out of it.

If this modality peaks your interest and you want to learn more reach out today for a free consultation.