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Post-Induction Therapy (PIT) is an eclectic trauma therapy approach created by Pia Mellody that integrates elements of Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Person-Centered Humanistic Therapy. PIT treats developmental immaturity and codependency by examining and focusing on the underlying causes stemming from childhood trauma. So how do you know if this is an […]

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What is Post Induction Therapy (PIT)?

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Are you struggling to understand how your childhood trauma may be impacting your current relationships and personality? Here are five tips to start healing from childhood trauma to get you started, from my journey to yours. How do I Know if I have Childhood Trauma? I hear this often both from clients and friends, “I […]

5 Tips to Start Healing from Childhood Trauma

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Have you ever heard of developmental (childhood) trauma? Most people haven’t. Or they associate it with in-utero trauma, which is also traumatic but not all that I’m focusing on here. Developmental trauma, otherwise known as childhood trauma, refers to anything that was overwhelming for your brain that happened before the age of 18. Let that […]

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Why Focusing on Childhood Trauma Leads to Long Lasting Healing

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I believe that knowledge is empowering. Especially that which we gain outside of session. When we delve into ourselves outside of session we invest in the process and further propel ourselves into our depths in session. Here are a few of my favorite books that I recommend to clients looking to reflect deeply on themselves […]

Book Recommendations for Building a Deeper Relationship with Your Self