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If you’re anything like me, you grew up believing you can’t have it all. You either kill it in your career and your family suffers or you are a present mother who sacrifices her career outside of the home. And honestly I think this is one of the biggest lies our generation has been sold […]

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Balancing Business Leadership and Family Life: How to “Have it All” as a Mother and Executive in the Modern Age

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So let’s talk about rates of therapy in 2024. Trends are showing that therapists are leaving the field by the droves. Whether they’re taking a minor pivot toward coaching or completely shifting career tracks, it’s clear something about the field isn’t working for providers these days. If you’re in the majority of therapists who are […]

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Setting an Ethical Rate as a Therapist in 2024

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This time of year always comes with mixed emotions for everyone. For some, it’s bittersweet and for others it’s precious and nostalgic. And for most, it’s wrapped in with all of the above. Holidays are a sweet time of year that brings to the surface all of the precious wonder of a child. If this […]

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What I’m Thankful For In 2023 As A Licensed Psychologist In Private Practice

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Ok first off, if you’ve landed on this page and clicked on this title, then hi friend. You probably are here to learn all the “right tricks” and maybe gain some insight into your partner. You, my dear, control-oriented, friend, are totally my people. And while I’m sure you may be disappointed to read that […]

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3 Tips To Get Your Husband To Listen This Holiday Season

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Ok I’ve been there. You have begun your healing and inevitably your therapist is challenging you about your relationship. My therapist pushed me for years on my unhappiness in my marriage before anything substantial happened. If you’re in a similar spot, knowing you want something to be different and perhaps hiding in your successful career […]

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4 Reasons You Are Really Avoiding a Relationship Check-In

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Post-Induction Therapy (PIT) is an eclectic trauma therapy approach created by Pia Mellody that integrates elements of Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Person-Centered Humanistic Therapy. PIT treats developmental immaturity and codependency by examining and focusing on the underlying causes stemming from childhood trauma. So how do you know if this is an […]

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What is Post Induction Therapy (PIT)?

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“I know that I love him but I wish he would listen to me.” “I want to be in this relationship but I need her to stop ____.” “I don’t know why my relationship feels off.” “Something just doesn’t feel right in my relationships.” Have you ever heard yourself asking these questions to yourself or […]

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4 Reasons Why You May Be Feeling Unsure About Your Relationship

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Are you curious whether seeing a therapist via telehealth is just as “good” as seeing them in the office? Given changes brought on by Covid we’ve seen a huge shift toward therapy services being delivered via technology. Here are 3 tips to set yourself up for success if you are pursuing this route for therapy. […]

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3 Tips for Getting More out of Telehealth Therapy

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How are you feeling about this upcoming holiday season? Do you get excited when the Christmas lights go up or does your stomach flutter with anxiety at the upcoming expectations associated with the holidays? Here are 5 tips to help you get started with your boundary setting this holiday season. What do the holidays look […]

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5 Tips for Setting Boundaries this Holiday Season

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I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a bridge. This bridge is old and worn down. It’s sturdy but creeks and may lose a board or two as you cross it. The years that it’s spent allowing those who have come before you access to the other side is […]

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The Lonely In-Between Bridge

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Have you ever heard of developmental (childhood) trauma? Most people haven’t. Or they associate it with in-utero trauma, which is also traumatic but not all that I’m focusing on here. Developmental trauma, otherwise known as childhood trauma, refers to anything that was overwhelming for your brain that happened before the age of 18. Let that […]

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Why Focusing on Childhood Trauma Leads to Long Lasting Healing

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A few weeks ago I lost one of my best friends unexpectedly. We don’t know what happened or why, just that she didn’t wake up one morning. Despite being in a profession that demands self-reflection and primes me for exploring the unknown, death is an event that I can struggle to sit with. The finality […]

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Making Meaning of Goodbye

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If you’re reading this post I am imagining that you are contemplating and/or preparing for your first group therapy session. Feeling nervous and wondering what the first session will be like. While there really isn’t anyway to fully prepare for the experience of group therapy, I do believe that it’s important to address fears and […]

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What to Expect from Group Therapy

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As we begin to wrap up 2020, I’m sitting with hot chocolate and reflecting on this year. Totally cheesy and yet here we are. This year has been a whirlwind. I was coming home from vacation at the beginning of the year when I first heard about this crazy virus that was escalating. Aaaaaaand here […]

An Open Letter of Gratitude From Your Therapist

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Have you ever heard of the concept of the “ideal client”? This is a phrase that therapists use to describe the clients with whom they are best suited to work with. However, I believe that in therapy this idea of best fit is not only malleable but also is a powerful tool it when flows […]

Cultivating Your Ideal Therapeutic Space