The Mirror

I often get asked, “what’s it like to be in therapy?” And I think people expect to hear that it’s the best. That you go to therapy and then your whole life turns around and you start to feel better. That it’s super empowering and you get all these great tools and then bam everything is awesome! *cue lego movie song, you’re welcome*

But the truth is that therapy is not only coping skills and an empowering posture. It is also daunting. Both terrifying and enticing. When done with intention and with someone who has traveled their own depths, it summons death and rebirth within your being. So why, you may ask, would you ever willingly subject yourself to such an experience? To which I would ask, is there any scenario in life in which we are privileged to move into growth without fear of pain? My experience has been that there is always a price to be paid for anything in life worth having. Whether that is sacrificing what we currently hold to be true or the self that we currently are, we must allow it to burn slowly as we begin to look in the mirror.

A mirror is anything that is reflective of a clear image (definition via me.) So within this vein there are many mirrors in life. When you look close enough, they are everywhere. My most favorite to visit is water. The reflection that looks back is always moving, and if you blink, you’ll miss the version that was just there. And that feels reflective of my experience of the journey of becoming. Fluid and evolving and yet sturdy with a solid foundation.

Therapy is like this. As you continue to show up to each session, you see yourself and your experiences a little clearer. It can feel confusing and there may be many questions. And in the process of searching you ebb and flow. You begin to notice which lines move most often, and under which light. And which parts of you remain untouched as a core part of your foundation. And together we make sense of it.

Because the question is not only what do you see, it is also what do you want to see?

Wishing you lots of sunshine on your journey,

Dr. B