An Open Letter of Gratitude From Your Therapist

As we begin to wrap up 2020, I’m sitting with hot chocolate and reflecting on this year. Totally cheesy and yet here we are. This year has been a whirlwind. I was coming home from vacation at the beginning of the year when I first heard about this crazy virus that was escalating. Aaaaaaand here we are, one million years into lock-down.

I wanted to take a moment to speak directly to my clients as I’m sending this year off with gratitude. Because somehow through all of the ups and downs, we’ve made it through. And I feel immense gratitude toward them as they’ve walked alongside me just as much as I’ve walked with them.

To my beloveds, I am so grateful for your fortitude and endurance. You have continually shattered my heart in the best possible way as you’ve shown patience and motivation to continue your work, even as the world fell apart around us. Your commitment to your growth inspires me and I delight in reflecting on our work together. I’ve watched you set loving boundaries, mourn fantasys, and gain a deep and sacred intimacy within yourself that words cannot do justice to. I’ve watched you break generational curses and receive unconditional love. I’ve stood with you while you stand up for your inner child. I’ve experienced grace from you as I’ve had to cancel last minute due to car trouble, needing a mental health day, and sickness. I’ve watched you delight in your own sweet heart even as pain has rained down ceaselessly. Even when you didn’t do your homework or read what we discussed (I see you, precious avoidants!), I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I am enamoured with each of you.

And in all of this I have found a deeper healing.

It was my own unfinished business that led me to this work. And as I continue to grow, my relationship with my work has evolved. Where I used to cling to it and hide within it, I now delight in holding space while also thriving at home with my family. I feel so much gratitude that you, my sweet clients, have answered the call to grow with me. It is such a profound experience to see glimpses of yourself in another. In their pain and in their liberation. It leads me to a deeper and more sacred relationship with my own self. Allows me to grieve deeper and love fiercer. In order for me to continue my growth, my practice would have to grow with me. And it has, thanks to you.

So thank you for answering the call from the depths of your soul, beloveds. I cannot wait to see where 2021 will take us.

In love and gratitude,