What I’m Thankful For In 2023 As A Licensed Psychologist In Private Practice

This time of year always comes with mixed emotions for everyone. For some, it’s bittersweet and for others it’s precious and nostalgic. And for most, it’s wrapped in with all of the above. Holidays are a sweet time of year that brings to the surface all of the precious wonder of a child. If this has been injured for you, then it makes sense that there would be lots of conflicted emotions.

Within my own experience I have plenty of bittersweet moments and so many precious ones. Especially with my daughter being earth side. I find what carries me through this season in a grounded and embodied way is leaning into gratitude. And aside from my family’s health, wonderful community of friends that have turned into chosen family, and generally having all of my needs being met, I am always filled with immeasurable gratitude for this business.

5 years ago I opened Brittany McGeehan, PhD, LLC and in it’s infancy I ran this business on the premise of busier is better, financial abundance is king, and scarcity is real. A few months in and I began to dream of doing it differently. I began reading tons of business books and I threw myself into dreaming up a new season for this business that allowed for the rest that I so deeply craved. I will always feel a warmth toward that version of me. She had so much courage and dreamed of something she had never seen (most of the amazing therapists that I know are working more than they want to be and are accepting less than what they talk about desiring, this is no slight toward any of them, we are functioning within a broken system).

Little by little I made small changes over time with the phenomenal guidance of therapists who had come before me and then I tweaked them toward what I was scheming. This process was a test of faith and release of control. With every shift I made (dropping insurance, raising my rate, adjusting my hours to only honor what I can comfortably work, investing in my branding, capping my case load etc) I held my breath and would wonder if this would be the decision that would sink my business. And time after time I was reminded of my power and that the universe responds when we move with intention and focus our energy.

About 2-3 years into business I knew that I wanted this private practice to carry me through the season of early parenthood that I knew I was walking into if all things went according to plan. It was going to be my biggest ask yet. A business that filled my cup, honored my creativity, met my financial needs, and honored the limited capacity I would have during this season so that my focus could be on my self, my marriage, and my children. All still with the clients who I love to work with. The audacity, y’all.

And 5 years later, 1 toddler and 1.5 pregnancies later and here we are. Business is thriving, I maintain a small caseload which allows me to feel energized and excited every day walking in. And still having energy to come home and cook dinner, play (lose if we’re being honest) chess with my husband, read 5 million books to my daughter, and repair after all of our ruptures over and over again. I’ve also been able to start taking voice lessons (little me is on cloud 9), plan workshops I want to run next year, revamp my family of origin intensive to more closely align with my vision as well as bring in a team of incredible women to support that process, and lean into my writing which fuels my creative itch. Oh and I’ve been able to expand a second business to start coaching therapists! Which has been something I’ve been doing for years but this year it came to fruition in business and has been SO much fun and a really exciting way to impact a wider audience.

This season is the embodiment of working to live and not living to work. It has stress just like any season but truly, my gratitude brings tears to my eyes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. Whether you’re a client, colleague, or rando on the internet, you’re apart of the community that I’ve been dreaming of and building and I’m so grateful you are here.

What are you feeling gratitude for this season?

Wishing you warmth and presence this year,

Dr. B