Welcome to your healing journey.

Therapy that empowers successful women to receive the love they deserve in their marriage.

Healthier Relationships. Better Work Life Balance. Fierce Inner Transformation.

Are you a highly ambitious and successful woman who is looking for deeper connection within her marriage? Seem to “have it all” on paper but still feel like something is missing? I am a trauma therapist who specializes in working with women in their 30/40s who are over achievers at work but looking for more meaningful and healthy relationships in Prosper, Texas. My mission is to empower women to fiercely ask for the love they deserve from themselves and their partners. I provide individual and group counseling in Prosper, Texas for those who are ready to make a change today. My clients find me when they are ready to take an honest look at how their childhood is impacting their present relationships. Interested? Let’s chat.


Individual therapy is $400 per therapeutic hour (50 minutes).

Initial treatment planning and evaluation session is $600 for 90 minutes.

Group therapy is $80 per 90 minute session.

Insurance – I am an out of network provider but can provide a superbill.


2770 Main St. Suite 208 Frisco, Texas 75033 – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays

Telehealth available from anywhere in the state of Texas – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday